Microlot – Runyinya, Burundi


This uniquely beautiful Central African Microlot Coffee has an immediate stand out texture. It has a sweet and floral hit that is quickly dispersed and replaced by a buttery aftertaste that envelopes the whole pallet. This is for the real coffee heads out there! With a cupping score of 89 it will be hard to find similar quality in any café.

We recommend this coffee as an alternative to nutty South Americans and works great as an espresso and is also just as vibrant through a filter. For a full list of our coffees please visit our Shop.

If you would like to know more about coffee from Burundi Visit Here!

Notes: Sweet, Floral, Buttery
Type: Bourbon
Strength: Distinguished, Medium Bodied

A 250g bag of this Microlot is €15, when you purchase 4 bags it will be €50.


Cold Brew, Drip, Espresso, French Press / Cafetiere, Moka Pot, Wholebean


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