Mean Bean Coffee | Bottomless Naked Portafilter
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Bottomless Naked Portafilter


Just in Stock!!!!!

The Bottomless, or Naked Portafilter lets you get up close and personal with your extraction. The ultimate way see all the action, and perfect your technique.

Have you ever wondered why the coffee comes out one side of the double handle quicker than the other sometimes? It’s usually because something went wrong in the tamping or packing process.

A naked portafilter is one where the bottom part of the handle has been removed, exposing the portafilter basket. This means that when the machine is extracting you can see exactly what the coffee is doing, enabling you to correct any tamping problems you might be having. Go naked and watch what happens!
Bottomless handles are the way to go for fitting taller mugs or latte glasses under your grouphead.