Mean Bean Coffee | Barista Training
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Barista Training

Barista Training

We provide all our  customers with on site coffee training with includes history and origin  of coffee .At Mean Bean Coffee we  provide in dept  demonstration of how to make and present the perfect coffee everytime. We start with general workings of the Espresso machine , Tampting, How to set a grinder which are the most important aspects of coffee making. Firstly we concentrate on making the perfect double espresso  then  onto using correct milk foaming and texturing  techniques,  presentation and cleaning and maintenance of machines.  We spend time on these methods with staff and owners so that they can make mistakes and see areas  then need to improve and practice . Each person will get one to one training and will be comfortable performing  each techique .This service is available to all our customers on request. Our Barista Training includes the following:

Coffee Education

History of  our coffee and its origin . The region where the blend comes from , the make up of the coffee the tastes and flavors in each blend. The correct extraction of the coffee and how this is so important. The importance of a clean machine and the use of purified water softener. Storing  the coffee in the right environment and making coffee with fresh ground coffee are so important.

Perfect Double Shot

Creating  a perfect and consistent  double espresso is the most important job of any Barista. We train and encourage everyone  to use a double shot for all coffees. The correct double shot is essential for all coffee based drinks and getting the perfect espresso should be like a religion. Exact extraction times will differ from each blend but its key to have this consistently in each coffee. Our training on site will use the desired coffee blend and get the extraction time to perfection.

Coffee Based Drinks

In our training with cover the full range of coffee based drinks including Americano, Latte, Cappuccino, Flat White, Machiatto, Ristretto, cortado and Mocha. We show in dept the make-up and presentation of each coffee and the components needed to perform each drink.

Milk Steaming and Frothing

When people are learning how to froth and steam milk correct it is the tricky part but with the right barista tools and methods perfection can be made very quickly. We show the consistency of the milk texture in a Latte or a cappuccino also the silky feel to the milk in a Flat white. Teflon jugs and thermometers help the process and rule out any burning of the milk which is probably the most common mistake. The one rule we have “if you not 100% happy then waste and start again”.

Presentation of Coffee

It is so important to present each coffee correctly . From making Americano or  creating a Latte Machiatto the correct recipe for each coffee must be made each coffee will have its own components which must be followed. The customer will know what they ordered and its our job not only to do that but give a great experience with great coffee.

Espresso Machine Cleaning and Maintenance

This is often over looked but it is so important to perform proper cleaning and maintenance of your Espresso machine. In the training staff will be shown how to properly clean the heads ,group handles, and steam wands. If your machine is not cleaned properly its impossible to produce great coffee. Also haccp regulations guidelines must be followed to ensure a clean machine.