Behind The Numbers

The first coffee we introduced after we were established. 2001 is also the year that Eoin made the Waterford panel, a number that represents the drive and ambition to be better.

Most importantly it’s Eoin’s sons favourite number, but also 2004 is the year Eoin’s home club, Mount Sion seniors completed their 3 in a row.

Number 6 was Ken’s jersey number while he played some of his best ever performances on the Waterford team.

A lot of peoples favourite number but also a number worn by some of the most iconic players in every sport, if you’re number 7 you are expected to produce the goods just as our No.07 coffee does every time.

A number 08 in football is traditionally a box-to-box player, both attacking and defending. This coffee is emphatic of that. Providing flavours and balance for the most novice coffee drinker to the most hardcore coffee enthusiast.

Eoin’s favourite number that he always chose for everything over the years. He always had to make sure that he was number 9 on the pitch if he was playing midfield.

Relating back to sport again, the number 10’s on the pitch are always at the top of their game, Messi, Pele, Bergkamp, often the most talented players on the field. A very strong number that we thought had to be used in our number scheme.

Unlucky number 13. This coffee is decaf, which makes it unlucky for anyone seeking a major caffeine boost. 13 is also a banner year for Mean Bean! 2013 was the year Mean Bean was founded, but also the year Eoin’s daughter was born. Unlucky for some, Lucky for us!

The number Eoin got known for playing under, even though he wasn’t the biggest fan of the position. Also our first coffee to be sold so it holds a special place in our heart.

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